when they get it so right…

when they get it so right…
23 August 2017 Katie

A trip to an ice cream farm may not seem the natural choice if you have a dairy allergy, but when it involves a massive ice cream themed playground, crazy golf and all sorts of other delights, it’s not such a crazy idea.  Having researched beforehand, there were a selection of fruit sorbets available, so after wearing ourselves out thoroughly, we popped into the ice cream parlour to investigate.

Here is where I thought they got it so right:-

  1. Whilst queuing, you could check all the ingredients on an ipad, and even filter their products on single or multiple allergens
  2. All the sorbets were covered with lids, ensuring there wouldn’t be cross-contamination with ice cream.
  3. When I asked for a sorbet, they asked if it was a diary allergy before I even had time to say
  4. They assured me they have a separate scoop only used for sorbets and asked if I would like the server to change her gloves.


Anyone with a food allergy will understand how unusual this level of allergy management is.  Let’s hope that places like this become the norm, rather than the exception.

Why not tell me what makes your most allergy-friendly place so great?