how to convert everyone into salad-lovers

how to convert everyone into salad-lovers
30 August 2017 Katie

I learned that it’s all in the how – not the what.

If you have any kind of specific dietary requirement, then holidays abroad can sometimes seem a bit daunting. However, I’ve always been so inspired by the local culture, landscapes and of the course food – that the benefits far outweigh the effort involved in travelling with half a suitcase of food – just in case!

We were recently lucky enough to visit a quiet corner of the Spanish coast, and found the most delightful beach cafe that focused on a small menu of fresh and simple food. We feasted on grilled vegetables, meatballs, griddled pork, olives, freshly cut chips and salad – all naturally allergy-free.

One of the big surprises was the mixed salad.  Instead of mixing it together, it came in sections.

It was a revelation.

Being able to choose which elements of the salad you want, somehow makes you eat more than if it is all mixed up together.  Take a look at the two options below – one in sections, one mixed to see the difference yourself.


I always like to bring some of the local dishes home with me, and this insalata mista is here to stay.  I serve it almost weekly, swapping the ingredients depending what’s in the fridge.  We used to rely on vegetable sticks, now I have another option up my sleeve to get everyone to their five-a-day.