www.purefamilyfood.com is a free recipe resource for anyone with food allergies or restrictive diets.  We also focus on ingredients that provide maximum nutrition with minimal fuss.

It all started when our daughter was diagnosed with multiple protein allergies at six weeks old.  She is unable to eat cow’s milk, soya or wheat – as well as some chemicals such as artificial sweeteners.  Inclusiveness is pretty important to our family,  so instead cooking multiple meals, we all sit down to eat the same meal whenever we can.  This has an added benefit of cutting the risk of cross-contamination during food preparation.

We switched to home-cooked food after consulting with a registered nutritional therapist, and found that the whole family’s health improved.

However, as a working mum, it is vital that our meals are quick, easy and don’t involve trips to specialist food shops.  I aim for the recipes to be economical, and the ingredients easily found in most supermarkets.

Home cooking can seem a bit overwhelming at first, so when I was developing this site, it was really important to incorporate a meal planner – one where you choose what you want to eat – and when.  And that at the click of a button, your shopping list is automatically generated.

If you have any questions about the recipes or using the pure family food website, please email at katie@purefamilyfood.com

Katie – Pure Family Food