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Do you need inspiration for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks? Simply search for recipes by using the filters on the recipe page, or by typing key words into the search button, or clicking on any ingredient listed in the tag cloud.

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Plan ahead by dropping each recipe into whichever day you fancy, and click ‘generate shopping list’.  This produces a full list of every ingredient required for your meal plan.  You can remove any ingredients that you already have in the cupboards by simply un-ticking the box. Print this out, or copy and paste into your online shopping provider.

The pure family food promise: Making eating together easy

Recipes are triple-tested to make sure they work.
We know you have enough daily challenges in managing your special diet, so we aim to provide you with quick and easy recipes as often as possible.

We embrace the Cook Once: Eat Twice philosophy to make life easier.
You will find hints and tips at the bottom of each recipe suggesting alternative serving suggestions when doubling the recipe.

Ingredients that won’t break the bank.
We focus on naturally allergy-free, seasonal and easy-to-find ingredients to keep costs down and food as nutritious as possible.

Nutritional information is calculated for each recipe using the PFF database.
They are calculated using the portion sizes indicated, but may vary due to the ingredients used.

All subscription recipes are free of the 14 EU listed Allergens.
Due to customer demand, we will sometimes post recipes that do contain one or more allergens. These recipes do not require a subscription; are listed under ‘free recipes’; and any allergens are clearly highlighted in the title.