menu planning for nurseries

for nurseries and childminders

“Every child has a right to nutritious food. When children eat better, they do better. We know children aren’t eating enough fruit and veg, but are eating too much saturated fat, sugar and salt.”
Children’s Food Trust

Childcare facilities are encouraged to follow the voluntary national guidelines, under the Eat Better, Start Better programme. Following a change in the law in 2014, everyone serving food needs to list all of the 14 EU allergens contained in all the food that is served.

  • is dried fruit only served with main meals?
  • are you offering 5 different types of healthy pudding each week?
  • is your menu designed to provide a source non-dairy protein at lunch and tea?
  • does every dish you serve have a food allergy checklist?

If you answered ‘yes’ to every one of these questions, you are already meeting some of the guidelines listed in the Eat Better, Start Better programme. However, in addition to meeting these guidelines, we find that the rising incidence of food allergies are becoming a major concern. Perhaps you can identify with some of the issues below:

  • do you find that you are preparing multiple food options to accommodate different dietary requirements?
  • have you noticed the number of children with food allergies is increasing?
  • is your food bill rising?
  • are parents becoming more interested in the food that you provide?

Pure Family Food can help with the following:-

  • Audit your existing menu against the Eat Better, Start Better guidelines
  • Provide ideas and recipes for menu swaps to ensure you meet the guidelines
  • Discuss techniques and allergy-free alternatives to help with different dietary requirements

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