pick a purple a day to feed your brain

pick a purple a day to feed your brain
4th April 2017 Katie

Today I was shopping in my local farm shop (one that actually is a farm) and saw these lovely bunches of purple sprouting broccoli. They were so beautiful that I had to photograph it before we ate it.  The antioxidants that give fruit and vegetables the deep red and purple colour is extremely important to our brain health, especially as SATs, GCSEs and A-levels loom nearer.

Make sure that at one of your 5 day day (or even better 10!) is purple – choose from blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, red or black grapes, raspberries, cherries, red cabbage, beetroot and purple sprouting broccoli  – to name a few.  And don’t forget your Omega 3’s – essential fatty acids for heart, brain and eye health.

Recipes to inspire you –  free recipe for salmon burgers , omega 3 boosted porridge with raspberries, blackforest breakfast smoothie with omega 3 and apple and blueberry flapjack crumble.